I was hit from the side in a car accident. This left me badly injured, and my car was totaled. When I called the attorneys at The Law Office of Leonard T. Mathis, they immediately explained I would not have to worry about getting to his office and met me at my home. From that point on, they were always available to answer any questions I had about my case. Even though I know he had several other clients, he never made me feel like my case was small or unimportant. In the end, I never doubt he recovered any less than the best settlement for my case. I am extremely satisfied with the services of The Law Office of Leonard T. Mathis.

– Phyllis

This has been one of the most professional experiences I’ve ever had with a business or a law firm. The Attorneys and staff were very helpful and attentive to my needs! Their dedication and hard work showed in the end with a settlement that blew me away!

– Willie

Because I slipped in a messy liquid left on the floor of a local department store, I fractured my ankle and suffered from other soft tissue injuries for several months. Before I called The Law Office of Leonard T. Mathis, the store would not even respond to my phone calls. My attorney from The Law Office of Leonard T. Mathis told me that his first priority was making sure I fully recovered health wise. He was able to help me find a doctor who would treat my injuries even though I didn’t have health insurance. As I was focusing on my health and getting another job, my attorney negotiated with the insurance company to recover a great deal of money for me. I was able to pay off all of my medical bills and still have a lot for myself and my family. The Law Office of Leonard T. Mathis is a first class firm, and I would recommend him to anyone hurt or injured.

– Celeste

Leonard Mathis is a wonderful attorney! He was able to settle my case in an efficient and very professional manner, which resulted in a great settlement for me! Not only is he a smart attorney, Attorney Mathis was dedicated to getting the very best outcome for me, and he put in the work to ensure my victory.

– Ralph